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# Semantification OEIS zbMATH
# Semantification OEIS + zbMATH
Repo containing the first results of the semantification of OEIS in the form of a .sql file.
The data will be hosted online inside a GraphDB sometime in the future.
## sql tables
### OEIS_user_list
Table matching OEIS users to their zbMATH entries.
- "user_name": the [OEIS usernames](
- "oeis_user_href": link to the OEIS user webpage (like this:
- "zbmath_id": the zbMATH "author ID"
### OEIS_references
Table matching OEIS entry references to their zbMATH zbl_ids.
- "a_number": the identifier of an [OEIS entry](
- "reference_text": the reference listed in an OEIS entry
- "zbl_id": results given by
- "score": results by
- "authors": results by
- "title": results by
For more information feel free to contact me at
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