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title: NTCIR Math Information Retrieval
[NTCIR]( 10, 11 and 12 had tasks concerning
mathematical information retrieval.
These tasks primarily focused on keyword search.
The corpus was based on arXiv/arXMLiv and Wikipedia.
A more detailed description of the NTCIR mathematical information retrieval
tasks and the lessons learnt was published at [](
### Access and Download
Like for the arXMLiv corpus, access is currently restricted to
[SIGMathLing members](/member/) but everyone is welcome to join (after signing the [SIGMathLing Non-Disclosure-Agreement](/nda/)).
If you are a member, you should have access to the two repositories containing the data:
* [](
for NTCIR-10
* [](
for NTCIR-11 and NTCIR-12 (presumably, you will mostly be interested in the contents of `NTCIR/`)
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