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......@@ -113,3 +113,30 @@ The functionality of the buttons remains the same as in the case above.
As mentioned above the method toXML serves to transcribe the suggested changes into a human readable form.
The output is an xml subset generated by the following grammar.
REMOVE ::= <removeInclusion MPath = MPATH>
REPLACE ::= <replaceInclusion MPath = MPATH>REPLACMENT</replaceInclusion>
REPLACEMENT ::= <replacement MPath = MPATH>
MPATH should be a valid MPath addressing a theory.
The MPath attribute of the theory tag names the theory where the changes should occur.
The removeInclusion tags mark a theory that can be removed entirely, ie. a simply redundant or purely superfluous inclusion. Again the MPath attribute names the theory to be removed.
The replaceInclusion tags contain any number of replacements tags. The MPath attributes of replaceInclusion tags name the theory to be replaced, while the attributes of the replacement tags name the theories with which that theory is to be replaced.
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