Commit 3b36a1a6 authored by Michael Kohlhase's avatar Michael Kohlhase

git subrepo push Proposal/LaTeX-proposal

  subdir:   "Proposal/LaTeX-proposal"
  merged:   "4a2ff144"
  origin:   ""
  branch:   "master"
  commit:   "4a2ff144"
  version:  "0.4.0"
  origin:   ""
  commit:   "5d6aba9"
parent 208c870f
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
remote =
branch = master
commit = d4b888d7c9559e119d3320712fbc9d540dae1567
parent = a96d570a24bc89c25d9459d08f2194cb42ad062f
commit = 4a2ff144510d69080e2d7df2ec4e08238d66066d
parent = 208c870f49b8c00c6ad8757fe0402dd567be57e6
method = merge
cmdver = 0.4.0
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