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......@@ -20,9 +20,22 @@ echo export SALLYENVID=$(uuidgen) >>~/.profile
You will need to logout so that these changes get applied.
Download the release you are interested in and issue
To install Sally you need to unpack the archive you have downloaded e.g. by issuing
tar xfz SallyDeepaMehta.tar.gz
cd SallyDeepaMehta
This will create a directory called SallyDeepaMehta. I will reference the path to this directory with SALLYDIR.
To start Sally, you should run
optionally you can see the log of what is going on by issuing
tail -f SALLYDIR/data/log/karaf.log
after SALLY started you should be able to open the [Sally Document Manager](http://localhost:8181/sally/docmanager). If errors occur please take a look at the logs and issue a ticket.
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