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added molto example sentence with abstract grammar term

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......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ gets linearized in the following way:
root = DefGenCNidx root_CN ;
\gfinline{DefGenCNidx} is defined in \texttt{resources/} as
\gfinline{DefGenCNidx} is declared in \texttt{resources/} as
DefGenCNidx : CN -> MathObj -> MathIdx -> MathObj ;
......@@ -215,8 +215,13 @@ DefGenCNidx = \cn,obj,i ->
(modCN cn (mkAdv my_possess_Prep obj)) ;
Everything is brought together in \texttt{english/}. The word
\gfinline{root_CN} is defined in \texttt{english/}.\ednote{MK: Make an
example phrase with \nlex{root} in it and show what the abstract grammar term is.}
\gfinline{root_CN} is defined in \texttt{english/}.
For example, the English sentence
\nlex{it is not true that the tenth root of pi is an element of the empty set}
gets parsed into the following abstract grammar term:
not (mkProp (set1_in (root nums1_pi ten) emptyset))
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