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Commit 82a23f67 authored by Michael Kohlhase's avatar Michael Kohlhase

more on MOLTO

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......@@ -91,9 +91,17 @@ Also of importantce: Muammad Humayoun's work on ``MathNat'' a controlled mathema
language for mathematical text:~\cite{HumayounMNMTCNL,MathNat:on,Humayoun:phd}. He also
has a \GF grammar at~\cite{CMLgrammar:on}.
Also we should look at the Plato
see also ~\url{}
\section{Question: How to use \GF for Formulae}
\ednote{I do not know yet}
The \GF already has the math grammars from the WebAlt and Molto projects~\cite{MOLTO:on},
they can be found at~\cite{molto-gf:on}. The work is described
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