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......@@ -232,6 +232,19 @@ as MathML expressions, Listing \ref{sentence.html5.cleaned} shows the essence;
Appendix~\ref{sec:sentence.html5} has the full listing.
\lstinputlisting[language=HTML,caption=HTML5 Representation of (*),label=sentence.html5.cleaned]{sentence.html5.cleaned}
\section{Other open questions}
\item Scalability: We get easily tens of thousands of parse trees for all sentences except the shortest ones.
How can we longer sentences in a reasonable amount of time?
We can fine-tune the grammar to reduce the number of possible trees, but we can't really get around the exponential inflation.
\item Lexer: We would like to parse things like xml tags. This does not work nicely if the \texttt{++} operator always
inserts a space. Similarly, whitespaces are required before periods, commas, etc.
How should we deal with this?
\item Lexer: How can we deal with things like id's in XML?
\emph{Remark}: It seems that both lexer issues could be solved by writing a custom lexer.
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