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......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ An interesting read for this are Kevin Kofler's Dissertation~\cite[sections 5 an
They have already done something similar in the \textsf{Concise}
Also of importantce: Muammad Humayoun's work on ``MathNat'' a controlled mathematical
Also of importance: Muhammad Humayoun's work on ``MathNat'' a controlled mathematical
language for mathematical text:~\cite{HumayounMNMTCNL,MathNat:on,Humayoun:phd}. He also
has a \GF grammar at~\cite{CMLgrammar:on}.
......@@ -113,22 +113,9 @@ in~\cite{SalXam:tgml12,CaprottiSaludes:OpenMathUIWiP2012,ArcCapRanSal:ugmam12}
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% End:
% LocalWords: maketitle KohDavGin pswads11 planetmath tntbase concl texttt inparaenum rm
% LocalWords: printbibliography compactitem sref psewads11 DavGin fmspscdl11 wneld98 gle
% LocalWords: textbf prec bigl preceq succ ednote DBpedia2007 dbpedia tuwlce09 Rinehard
% LocalWords: Mathatube Lohwater's Lohwater smglo wrapfigure vspace tikzpicture xscale
% LocalWords: ldots platonic-langeq tableofcontents newpage compactenum defs circ textt
% LocalWords: hypernymy stex lstinputlisting emph subseteq lstset omdoc ulsmf08 ppte12
% LocalWords: lastline moretexcs ginput morekeywords lst dgraph gimport defi defii slg
% LocalWords: termref trefi trefii symdef mathescape SLgroup notatiendum defiii img mmt
% LocalWords: struture includegraphics hyperonymy RabKoh hyponomy foo oldpart Fellbaum
% LocalWords: cancellative subsubsection nnexusCICM13 cn langle grp meronony clsmglom14
% LocalWords: relwork smglom Saarbr ucken arbflm04 utilization deMWei exfig Menta Amer
% LocalWords: Encyclopedia verbalizations verbalizations characterized itemize mfs13 ro
% LocalWords: defgraph verbalization synchronized synchronization centering mkmtobbtg14
% LocalWords: NNexus organizing organization organizational organizations KohMihSperTes
% LocalWords: datamodel dmsmglom14 defemph contm cmsmglom14 edsmglom14 GinCor KamNed zh
% LocalWords: EncMath Weisstein's Mathworld EisSub wm82 mathhub boxedquote compactdesc
% LocalWords: fbox syno fbox fbox fbox mero nyms hfill rangle es mmtapi nlex infty tbw
% LocalWords: frac1 Wikifiers setcounter tocdepth Ranta:GF04,ranta-2011,GF:on
% LocalWords: linearizations Kofler:dgpnml17 Pichler:srmk16
% LocalWords: maketitle smglom setcounter tocdepth tableofcontents newpage textbf tbw
% LocalWords: Ranta:GF04,ranta-2011,GF:on linearizations Kofler:dgpnml17 Pichler:srmk16
% LocalWords: Humayoun's HumayounMNMTCNL,MathNat:on,Humayoun:phd CMLgrammar:on
% LocalWords: Wagner:coamas10,WAB:PAMbTEaPAS,AutexierEtAl:notations-texmacs-plato
% LocalWords: molto-gf:on sec:concl printbibliography
% LocalWords: SalXam:tgml12,CaprottiSaludes:OpenMathUIWiP2012,ArcCapRanSal:ugmam12
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