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Commit 8a89e555 authored by Theresa Pollinger's avatar Theresa Pollinger

now using the one server under MMT_BASE_URL

parent 4a014107
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......@@ -198,11 +198,6 @@ Otherwise, you can always answer with \LaTeX-type input.
def update_prompt(self):
self.prompt = "(" + self.state_machine.state + ")" #TODO
def do_shutdown(self, restart):
return super(Interview, self).do_shutdown(restart)
# tab completion for empty lines
def do_complete(self, code, cursor_pos):
"""Override of cmd2 method which completes command names both for command completion and help."""
......@@ -254,11 +249,7 @@ Otherwise, you can always answer with \LaTeX-type input.
args = args.replace("tgview", '', 1).strip()
server_url = str(self.state_machine.mmtinterface.serverInstance)
url_args_dict = {
"type": "pgraph",
server_url = str(self.state_machine.mmtinterface.mmt_base_url)
if args == '':
url_args_dict = dict(type="pgraph",
This diff is collapsed.
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