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missing stuff

parent 82efb353
......@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ Lediglich Einheiten:
\node[database, below=1.5cm of newDB] (anDB) {Annotationen};
\node[database, above=.5cm of tok] (oldDB) {arXMLiv};
\node[rectangle, draw, right=.7cm of oldDB] (latexml) {LaTeXML};
\node[database, right=.7cm of latexml] (arxiv) {ArXiv};
\node[database, right=.7cm of latexml] (arxiv) {arXiv};
\node[rectangle, draw, below left=0.75cm of newDB] (spot) {Spotter/Scorer};
\node[rectangle, draw, right = 2.5cm of newDB] (conv) {Autom. Konversion};
\node[rectangle, draw, below =.75cm of conv] (blind) {Screen Reader};
......@@ -525,7 +525,7 @@ Lediglich Einheiten:
\onslide<2->{\lstinputlisting[language=XML, basicstyle=\scriptsize]{xml/degreeCorrect.xml}}
{\footnotesize \verb|30^\circ| -- wrong \hspace{3.5cm} \onslide<2->{\mq{$30^\circ$} -- correct}}
{\footnotesize \verb|$30^\circ$| -- wrong \hspace{2.5cm} \onslide<2->{\mq{$30^\circ$} -- correct}}
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