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title: SIGMathLing - arXMLiv Project Datasets and Resources
## 2018
1. [arXMLiv corpus, 08.2018 release](/resources/arxmliv-dataset-082018/)
1. [arXMLiv word embeddings, 08.2018 release](/resources/arxmliv-embeddings-082018)
1. [arXMLiv statements dataset, 08.2018 release](/resources/arxmliv-statements-082018)
## 2017
1. [arXMLiv corpus, 08.2017 release](/resources/arxmliv-dataset-082017/)
1. [arXMLiv word embeddings, 08.2017 release](/resources/arxmliv-embeddings-082017)
## Additional Resources
see the [main resource page](/resources/) for the full list of SIGMathLing resources
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