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title: Dataset for Grounding of Formulae, Version 1
### Basic Information
* Author: Takuto Asakura, André Greiner-Petter, Akiko Aizawa, and Yusuke Miyao
* Release date: 2020-03-18
### Accessibility and License
The content of this dataset is licensed to [SIGMathLing members](/member/) for
research and tool development purposes.
Access is restricted to [SIGMathLing members](/member/) under the [SIGMathLing
Non-Disclosure-Agreement](/nda/) as for most [arXiv](
articles, the right of distribution was only given (or assumed) to arXiv
### Description
This is the first public release of the dataset for grounding of formulae.
As a trial work, this dataset consists of an annotated long paper (20 pages in
* Simeone, O.: A Very Brief Introduction to Machine Learning with Applications
to Communication Systems. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and
Networking 4(4) (2018)
The original XHTML file of the paper was taken from the [arXMLiv:08.2018
dataset](/resources/arxmliv-dataset-082018/), and we manually annotated all
937 identifiers (i.e., `<mi>` tags) in the document to the corresponding
mathematical objects (meanings).
### Download
[Download link](
([SIGMathLing members](/member/) only)
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ title: SIGMathLing - Datasets and Resources
1. [quantity expressions](/resources/quantity-expressions)
1. [arXMLiv word embeddings, 08.2017 release](/resources/arxmliv-embeddings-082017)
1. [arXMLiv corpus, 08.2017 release](/resources/arxmliv-dataset-082017/)
1. [Dataset for Grounding of Formulae, v1](/resources/grounding-dataset-v1)
## Resources hosted externally
1. [ACL-math-annotation](
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