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title: 2018 arXiv Datasets (1.2 Million scientific HTML5 documents from arXiv and token models)
SIGMathLing has published the second set of arXiv data sets. The content of these data
sets are licensed to [SIGMathLing members](/member/) for research
and tool development purposes subject to the [SIGMathLing Non-Disclosure-Agreement](/nda/).
This collection of 1.2 Million HTML5 documents
has been developed as part of the [arXMLiv]( project at
the [KWARC]( research group. It was created by converting the
[arXiv collection of scientific preprints until August 2018]( via
[LaTeXML]( using the
[CorTeX corpus management system](
The token models are generated from this document collection via the
[LLaMaPuN 0.2]( and
[GloVe 1.2](
Details can be found on the [SIGMathLing Resource page](/resources/).
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