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author: mkohlhase
title: "sTeX3 Release on CTAN"
- Announcements
[sTeX3]( is a complete rewrite of sTeX - An infrastructure
for semantic preloading of LaTeX documents - in the LaTeX3 framework. It has just been
released to [CTAN]( the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network, and will be
part of [TeXLive 2022]( due out in April.
After almost 15 years, sTeX needed a complete makeover to regularize syntax, weed out
unused and deprecated features, and synchronize it better with the
[MMT]( system and functionality.
Compared to sTeX1, the new implementation does away with the need for external systems in
the PDF workflow, allows to add sTeX functionality to arbitrary document classes, and
completely reworks the XML-based content generation. Instead of using a
[LaTeXML]( fork we use
[RusTeX]( a new TeX engine that directly interprets the
sTeX3 packages and generates semantically annotated XHTML5 which can then be harvested by
[MMT]( for further knowledge management services.
Further development of the sTeX ecosystem (the packages, an IDE, RusTeX, ...) will
continue on [sLaTeX group on GitHub](
layout: post
author: mkohlhase
title: "MMT Release 22"
- Announcements
After almost 18 months of development, [MMT]( - the flagship
system of the KWARC group - has been released in [version
The long development time of this release has been a consequence of the growing
inter-dependency of the system-near library and the system code, which led to serious
maintenance problems in the past. Another problem was that a lot of dead code had
accumulated over the last decade.
These problems have been addressed in version 22 (see the [release
notes]( for details) and we hope
that MMT can now serve as a much more stable basis for mathematical knowledge management
and we can return to a faster release cycle for the future.
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