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better Makefile

parent 3a99dcb5
SRC = $(shell ls *.tex)
TARGET = paper.pdf #report.pdf
INSTALL = paper.pdf #report.pdf
INSTALLTO = cicm18-viewfinder.pdf #viewfinder-report.pdf
GITDIR = ~/vc/git/
T1 = paper.pdf
I1 = cicm18-viewfinder.pdf
T1 = report.pdf
I1 = viewfinder-report.pdf
PI1 = papers/$(I1)
PI2 = submit/$(I2)
TARGET = $(T1) $(T2)
GITDIR = ~/vc/git/
C1 = $(T1) $(GITDIR)/$(PI1)
C2 = $(T2) $(GITDIR)/$(PI2)
INSTALL = $(PI1) $(PI2)
all: $(TARGET)
......@@ -12,11 +19,8 @@ $(TARGET): %.pdf: %.tex $(SRC)
pdflatex $(basename $<)
pdflatex $(basename $<)
$(INSTALLTO): paper.pdf
cp paper.pdf $(INSTALL)
install: $(INSTALL)
install: $(TARGET)
mkdir -p $(GITDIR)
cd $(GITDIR); git pull; cd -
cd $(GITDIR); git add --force $(INSTALLTO);git commit -m're-generated'; git push; cd -
cp $(C1); cp $(C2)
cd $(GITDIR); git add --force $(INSTALL);git commit -m're-generated'; git push; cd -
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