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title: Richard Marcus
fullname: Richard Marcus
SOONpic: public/images/dmueller.jpg
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role: master-student
start_date: 2018-04
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affiliation: Computer Science, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
I am a master student at the [KWARC group]( at [FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg]( and currently working on my master's thesis.
I completed my bachelor's degree also at FAU and started to focus on computer graphics.
My thesis was about acceleration structures for ray tracing.
With the rapid development of new hardware, I became fascinated with the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality.
However, I also began to branch out to different fields recently, especially machine learning and artificial intelligence in general.
This also becomes apparent in my research interests. While I consider each of the mentioned fields as very exciting in its own right,
I am most interested in cases where they intersect with each other, e.g. rendering images with help of machine learning or intelligent agents in virtual environments.
For my master's thesis I was able to find another one: the visualization of theory graphs.
Because of the complexity and size of those graphs traditional 2D-visualizations are often not sufficient. Using 3D-graphics the third dimension offers immensly more space.
Furthermore, virtual reality allows for intuitive and immersive interaction as well as a field of view that is not possible with a monitor.
The project as well as a demo video can be found on [GitHub](
### Contact
Email: "d." + lastname.replace("ü","ue") + "@" + this.domain
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