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dimitar did not do his thesis with us afterall

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pdflatex $F
# bibtex $F
# pdflatex $F
# pdflatex $F
evince $F.pdf
rm -f *.aux *.bbl *.blg *.log *.out *.toc *.nav *.snm *.pdf
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\setlength{\hfuzz}{3pt} \hbadness=10001
\setcounter{tocdepth}{2} % for pdf bookmarks
% local macros and configurations
\title{Automated Discovery of Modular Structure}
\author{Michael Kohlhase and Dimitar Misev and Florian Rabe}
\institute{Jacobs University Bremen, Germany}
author = "J. Sample",
title = "{On the Possibility of the Impossible}",
institution = "Jacobs University Bremen",
month = sep,
year = "2010",
% $Id: ba-sample.tex 952 2006-03-06 20:14:35Z schoenw $
% To use this template, you have to have a halfway complete LaTeX
% installation and you have to run pdflatex, followed by bibtex,
% following by one-two more pdflatex runs.
% Note thad usimg a spel chequer (e.g. ispell, aspell) is generolz
% a very guud ideo.
\usepackage{times} %% native times roman fonts
\usepackage{parskip} %% blank lines between paragraphs, no indent
\usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx} %% include graphics, preferrably pdf
\usepackage[pdftex]{hyperref} %% many PDF options can be set here
\pdfadjustspacing=1 %% force LaTeX-like character spacing
pdfauthor = {Joe Sample},
pdftitle = {On the Possibility of the Impossible},
pdfkeywords = {possibility, impossibility, truth, myths}
\textbf{\huge On the Possibility of the Impossible}
\textbf{\large Joe Sample}\\[2ex]
\textit{Computer Science \\
Jacobs University Bremen \\
Campus Ring 1 \\
28759 Bremen \\
\textit{Supervisor:} \= \kill
\textit{Type:} \> \textit{Guided Research Proposal}\\
\textit{Date:} \> \textit{\today} \\
\textit{Supervisor:} \> \textit{Prof.\ V.\ Confused}\\
Consider this a separate document, although it is submitted together
with the rest. The executive summary aims at another audience than
the rest of the proposal. It is directed at the final decision
maker, who typically is not an expert at all in your field, but more
a manager kind of person. Thus, don't go into any technical
description in the executive summary, but use catch-words and bold
statements that highlight the importance of your project.
(target size: 15-20 lines)
This, like the rest, addresses fellow experts from your field (but
not from your particular topic of research). Here you should
technically connect to the main concepts from that field and give an
outline of your project, stating the research/engineering question
that you want to get answered by your project.
(target size: 1 page)
\section{Statement and Motivation of Research}
This part should make clear which question, exactly, you are
pursuing, and why your project is relevant/interesting. This is the
place to cite relevant literature. Where does your project extend
the state of the art? what weaknesses in known approaches to you
hope to overcome? If you have carried out preliminary experiments,
describe them here.
(target size: 2-3 pages)
\section{Planned Investigation}
This is the technical core of the proposal. Here you lay out your
plans of how you want to answer your research question specify your
design of experiments or simulations, point out difficulties that
you expect to encounter, etc.
(target size: 2-3 pages)
\section{Evaluation Criteria}
This section discusses criteria which can be used to evaluate the
research results and which can be used to related research results
to the already known state-of-the-art.
(target size: 1 page)
Here you break down the research activity into smaller steps which
will then guide you during the guided research work. Try to define
realistic milestones.
(target size: 1/2 page)
Summarize the main aspects of the proposal.
(target size: 1/2 page)
The topics folder contains the open topics, the year folder the actual topics given out.
There is one year folder per year, and one subfolder for every student doing a guided research with us. This folder contains subfolders admin and project. The latter is accessible to the student. It contains a subfolder for the proposal and a file for the abstract.
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